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Monday, March 20, 2006

Google Reader Hack

For those of you who use Google Reader, and if you don’t, sign up it is cool! Here is a hack so you can view specific feeds you subscribe to. There are other readers out there that do this but not on the internet. So let’s suppose you are like me and have 10+ feeds you read regularly. If you view the default reading list, it shows a mish-mash of all the feeds you are subscribed to. Which is cool, but I like to view specific feeds at a time.

Here is a hack that will let you do that: Google Reader allows you to edit your subscriptions. This is where you go to add new RSS feeds etc. This edit tab also lets you view all of the latest posts from a specific feed. So if you want to view all of the feeds from one of your channels click the edit subscriptions tab at the top and click on the name of one of your feeds. Boom! An instant list of posts from a specific feed. I find that I use this “hack” more than just the default reading list, since I am looking for posts from certain sites.


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