Smoke Signals

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New MacPorn

Chatting with fellow Mac Zealots during the Keynote so we can post news we all find was the only way to get all the info streaming in at once. Intel and the Macintosh, I love their slogan “What’s an Intel chip doing in a Mac? A whole lot more than it’s ever done  in a PC.” Love it!

New Apps, new hardware… Pure Mac Porn. Curious to see how long it will be before someone has it running on their regular Intel’s.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Congratulations Michael!

Michael Schubert is now a ThoughtWorks Employee. Obie Fernandez has a page on his blog welcoming him to the team. What a cool place to work. He deserves it, he is one bad-assed Rails programmer, sysadmin and a good guy. He is the reason I got into Rails. He came by my work one day with his laptop and built a working app right there in front of me with Rails. Been hooked ever since… I am not quite as skilled as him but it is good to have friends like that. (

AllPeers Kazza in your browser?

Well it isn’t exactly like Kazza but it is one damn cool file sharing concept that I have a feeling is going to blow the F*&^k up. You have to check out the screenshots. If this works like advertised it will be really cool stuff. The site was digged so it might be down. I am excited about it. I signed up for the beta hope I get to test it out.