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Thursday, November 10, 2005

I used to think

I used to think….

When I was younger I used to think I could make thing like Jason Rollette’s Underwater ROV submarine camera in my spare time using things my parents had around the house and in the garage. My brother and I used to build things all the time. A lot of times we built things that could get us hurt. Explosions and fire are cool as a kid when combined with Hotwheels. Hell, they are still cool! It was amazing the things we would build when we were kids.

As an adult, I realize 2 key components for enabling me to do something like that again but on a much larger scale. #1 Time and #2 Money… I remember my parents being pretty pissed when they saw what we had created and/or destroyed. “You used my ___ to make that!”. So there’s the problem. I rarely have the time to do something like that and I sure don’t have the money. I see these kinds of projects on the internet all the time. I think to myself “Damn! I should have thought of that” then I realize crap, when would I ever be able to do something that doesn’t involve money or time? Note to self: Find more time to do nerdy/cool stuff. P.S. Make more money!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blog post spamming sucks!

I get so many comment spams now it isn't even funny. I think I am going to turn off comments. Spammers really make the web suck.

Google Reader

I use Google Reader a lot for getting up-to-date with things going on. I noticed the other day that the subscriptions list not only supports navigation by hot keys but also by scrolling on your mouse's scroll wheel. A web app that uses mouse scrolling to navigate. That is bad-assed!!!