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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Beta, Ajax, Web 2.0

Ahh buzz words. It is pretty funny seeing all these companies throwing them around. It reminds me of circa 1999 when companies were throwing buzz words around to get investors to bleed money for them.

Isn't the point of creating a web app or any app to make it easy to use and useful? Why should anyone care if it is Beta or uses Ajax yada yada? Shouldn’t it work intuitively? If you aren’t designing apps that way in the first place no amount of buzz words will amount to shit. Technology should be transparent. My mom doesn’t care about that crap, she uses something to get things done. She doesn’t want the interface to get in the way, she doesn’t care if something is “nifty or cool”. This has nothing to do with 2.0 it should have been and should always be the goal.

People love memes, they make things buzz-worthy. Like you see in genre movies like Top Gun, or Twister. Remember how we learned what an F5 was. It’s totally laughable. It is like being a part of a perceived clique. I think the ones who adopt it and run with it are the ones who don’t get it. Like sales people, they love to throw those things around like they are “In the know”.


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