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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Louisiana, what went wrong?

Watching the human-drama unfold in the flooded and abandonned parts of Louisiana is a sad reflection of our incompetencies. In particular the one that I think is on everyone's minds: "Why did it take 5 days to respond". Even at this point the rescue effort isn't going as well as it should. Bureaucracy is one of the reasons this has happened but most importantly the blame should be placed on FEMA. It is their reason for existence, to provide relief from such disasters but they have dropped the ball. It outrages me to read comments by FEMA Chief Michael Brown and his lack of recognizing the true situation.
Brown: Considering the dire circumstances that we have in New Orleans, virtually a city that has been destroyed, things are going relatively well.

Relative to what Hiroshima?

I truly hope this will be the shakeup that drops the rotten fruit from the horrid tree called FEMA.


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