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Monday, August 29, 2005

Why Rails sucks!

Here's the story: My Co-worker who is an all-around good guy and is kind of our "lead programmer" if we have such a thing here was mentioning something about our IT guy installing Rails and Ruby on our server. Our IT guy is a damn smart and well-known Rails Programmer. He is no spring chicken and has a masters in compsci, has written some well-know Rails apps and is a Unix admin guru. He set up our servers for goodness sake.

So our "lead programmer" starts bashing RubyOnRails saying "there's no support or community", "PHP guys are trying it out and they don't like it", "it doesn't have many libraries like PHP" and on and on. I bit my tongue and let him talk. He closed the conversation with "I guess we can install it and play around with it". It was so hard not to go off on him. It would have been an argument not worth arguing. If Schubert can't convince him, I sure in the hell can't.

He even went as far as saying "I am keeping and open-mind but I don't see what is so good about rails. PHP has more community and more libraries I can't see why I would use Rails". I figure if he doesn't get it now, he never will. Which is why I am seeking outside Rails programming work. If you need someone here is my resume.


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