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Monday, August 08, 2005

So that's how Apple is going to do it

I was wondering how Apple was going to keep people from running OSX on home-brewed computers since they are switching to X86. I wouldn't mind building my own mac. It wouldn't be the same though. Remember Attack of the Clones? We had a couple of the Power Computing clones at my old work. They were ok. That was the same place where one of the employees used to argue with me on a regular basis saying "Apple is about to go under, you won't see them around in about a year" That was before Stevo came and rescued the company. The dude was still a tool for insisting on it. New Horizons had some other clones that were treated like red-headed step childs when I used to work there. Giving the Microsoft Chronies I worked with more reason to diss the Mac.

I am glad Apple is doing something to protect their hardware. Afterall they are a hardware company. OS and software sales are a fraction of their market. There is a lot of Debate about the whole "Trusted Computing" concept and how it could be a bad thing. I do think Apple is taking a step that will make this technology more commonplace. I also see an opportunity for a chip manu to make an X86 CPU without this limitation and making a killing. However it turns out, it looks like Apple is doing it and it is here to stay.


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