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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Palmeiro on Winstrol?

Wow, the steroid crackdown in baseball is really ramping up. I am surprised these guys didn't have the sense to stop taking it since they knew this was going on. It isn't like steroid use in this sport along with many others hasn't been prevalent since the 70's when our Governor helped make steroids a household name. Have you seen his competing years pictures. He used to take Test, Decca and D-bol like it was candy back then. Why do you think he isn't that huge anymore?

I don't know what people expected to happen when something like that is around and can enhance your skills and pay-level who isn't going to do that? Like women who get breast implants to make more money. There are health risks in that, hell there are health risks in everything you do. I can see that athletes are seen more as role-models but I think more kids now understand their favorite sports star is probably on steroids than they did 10 years ago.


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