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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

About Me

Hello, I am Scott Burton a web developer in sunny Bakersfield California. I have a plethora of web application development skills as well as site design skills. Some of you may know me as spurton on the #rubyonrails irc channel where I hang out a lot lately.

My Geek Philosophy

I believe in using the best tool available and to never get married to a technology. Due to that mantra I have had a lot of experience in different programming languages and frameworks. I stumbled upon Ruby On Rails and haven't looked back. I started doing web development in 1997 and have been active in development communities from: Frontier (Usertalk), Python and Zope, and RoR. I bring creativity, experience and crude humor to any project.

Geek Experience - My present pet project. The first app I wrote in Ruby On Rails. I am the sole developer of the project. I did the design and programming and lighttpd pushups on TextDrive. It is a Folksonomy-driven Content Management System. 1yr - This is where I work, it is a great place, great people and it pays the bills. I do web design, programming and sometimes some print work. Even though I have to do php programming, I still love it here. 2yrs - This is another ongoing project which I wrote in Zope and ported over to in C#. I am the sole developer and designer on this project as well. It is an E-commerce plugin for any type of website.

Kern County Superintendent of Schools 1yr - I was a project specialist on the Menu of Services site. I helped develop the system in Frontier/Manila which is a framework written in UserTalk an object-oriented scripting language. The Menu of Services was a service admin and listing site for school districts in California. - Although no longer online, this was my business I ran for 2 years. It was a Manila CMS hosting business. I closed it due to framework issues. - A free Zope-hosting service I ran for 2 years. Zope programmer with a Linux box, cheap co-location and Zope advocacy. I ran the site to let people play with Zope on their own site. I had to shut it down once co-location prices got too high. At its closing I had over two thousand sites.

Geek Teachings

In addition to programming, designing and learning frameworks I also teach. I have taught at New Horizons and San Joaquin Valley College. I love to teach as much as I love to learn.

OSCON - I did a Zope presentation at OSCON in 2001. It was an introduction to Zope based on a Network Mapping and Management web application I helped create.

Geek Speak

Languages I know or are acquaintances of: UserTalk, Python, C#, Ruby and PHP. I am also well-versed in creating valid XHTML and CSS sites.

Geek Examples: Design, program, XHTML, CSS


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