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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Next Venture

The next thing I will be focusing my time (spare time) on is another website. It is actually an old idea that I was never able to get off the ground. I feel that now is the time. It also coincides with my other project SimilarThings It will also give more features to that project. Maybe some that will not show up on the public site but most probably will. The website is This site will be (of course) all about games for kids. Reviews, ratings and some fun stuff for kids. Right now it is a placeholder from the good guys at TextDrive where SImilarThings is hosted.

I have been wanting to do this for a long time and now that my daughter has been playing a lot of games on her computer and I have a tool that I wrote which I can customize to my liking using Ruby On Rails it is time to do it. I see a big lack of kids-only gaming sites. There are a few out there but they don't give me what I am looking for. We will do reviews for games ages 3-12 and educational games as well for any platform, console, PC, Mac, Portable...

I think this will be fun and a learning experience. I hope to get some game reviewers (parents with an interest) to help out after we have been posting articles and reviews.


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