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Monday, February 21, 2005

Catching errors in rails

For those times when users don't fill out their info correct. Here is how you can handle that in rails... First off read: Active Record API doc That will give you a good idea of what you can catch.

Then to implement: In your model class add a validation check - validates_presence_of :description, :message => "is a required field!"

In your controller class add a class instance var of what you are trying to save with the model. For instance in the todo tutorial you have

def add_item

item = # Create a new instance of Todo, so create a new item

@todo = item

The @todo will be used in your html to render the error. Now in your add_item.rhtml template(named after the method) you put either 2 things. <% @todo.errors.each_full do |message| %>

<%= message %>

<% end %>

This will iterate over every error and output its message. Doing this: <%= error_messages_for "todo" %> will give you a bit more but you have less control over the formatting


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